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EFFECTIVE MARCH 1, 2024, COLLEGIATE TRAVEL PLANNERS IS THE NEW ONLINE BOOKING TOOL! See the CTP link to the left for more information.

Please direct any travel related questions to Travel Services at (607) 274-1480

This site provides information regarding Ithaca College-related travel.

A reader-friendly PDF version of the Travel Policy can be found by clicking the Travel Policy link on the left side of this page. The official version of the Travel Policy can be found in Section 2.23 of the Ithaca College Policy Manual.

Overview of the travel process for Faculty and Staff:

  • Familiarize yourself with the College Travel Policy.
  • Submit online Spend Authorization using IC Finance Cloud.
  • Once submitted, approvers will receive automatic emails when there is a Spend Authorization awaiting their review.
  • Determine payment options for your travel expenses such as conference registration, airfare, lodging, etc.  Refer to the Payment Methods section of the Travel Policy for further details.  Payment methods may require approval and processing time.  Please plan accordingly.
  • Ithaca College is tax exempt in New York and other select states.  When making reservations or traveling to a state that recognizes the College's tax exempt status, please provide vendors with the state specific Tax Exempt Form. This includes reservations made using Collegiate Travel Planners (CTP).
  • Keep receipts related to your trip as they must be included with your Expense Report.
  • Promptly upon return from travel, update Expense Items (credit card charges and out of pocket spending), then complete and submit an Expense Report, which will be approved by the Cost Center Manager for your area.

It is important to note that in order to comply with IRS regulations, Ithaca College employees must reconcile College travel expenses on an Expense Report within 10 days of return from the trip. In the event that an Expense Report is not submitted to Travel Services within 90 days, any college paid expenses will be treated as income to the employee. These funds will be subject to required payroll tax withholding and reported on the employee's W-2 Form.

College related travel expenses incurred using personal funds will be ineligible for reimbursement after 60 days.

Current Mileage Reimbursement Rate

2024 = $0.67 per mile

2023 = $0.655 per mile

2022 (starting July 1) = $0.625 per mile

2022 (prior to July 1) = $0.585 per mile

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