Minoring in Art History and Architectural Studies

The minor allows students to select from courses in Art History, Museum Studies, and Architectural Studies to create an experience that is right for them.

General Requirements

  • 20 credits
  • No more than 4 credits at the 100-level
  • At least 8 credits at the 300-level or above 
  • ARTH classes required for another major may count towards the minor
  • Up to 4 credits of ART or CNPH 14100 or CNPH 24000 may count towards the minor
  • See the college catalog for details

Customize Your Minor

The minor can be as focused or broad as you want it to be, so let your curiosity and professional aspirations guide you.

Interested in Architectural Studies

Take courses such as:

  • ARTH 11400 Architecture Across Cultures
  • ARTH 24200 Placing Race and Gender
  • ARTH 30100 Architectural Studio I

Interested in Art History? 

Take courses such as:

  • ARTH 11100 Episodes in Western Art
  • ARTH 27000 African Art and Architecture
  • ARTH 36600 Art and Revolution in Latin America

Interested in Museum Studies

Take courses such as:

  • ARTH 16000 Art Across Cultures
  • ARTH 29200 Introduction to Museum Studies
  • ARTH 49300 Exhibition Seminar


Contact: David Salomon, Associate Professor and Chair