What You'll Learn

Students gain in-depth experience using industry-standard computer software while acquiring an understanding of visual literacy and graphic design principles and formats. The graphic design minor serves as an excellent complement to many majors, including integrated marketing communications, computer science, and emerging media.

Ithaca College is based in a strong conviction that broadly educated individuals make good designers. Our Graphic Design Minor integrates the College’s Liberal Arts core courses with a foundation of design curriculum. Not only do students “do” design, but they also think, read, write, and talk about design.

Our program emphasizes process and research methods and prepares students for both independent and collaborative work. We respond to rapid advancements in design tools and practices by teaching design techniques that span the range of low to high technologies.

Curriculum Requirements

Students take 15 credits of required coursework and 7-8 additional elective credits.

Local and national designers visit the college showing their work and experience and share in group critiques. Students are encouraged to apply for internships in their junior year with a range of local design and media organizations as well as in the city.

The minor prepares students for creative careers in a variety of digital, print, and emerging fields by focusing on crucial visual design principles and communication strategies, industry standards, and by introducing them to a variety of strategies for visual storytelling within the areas of branding, publication and editorial design, typography, layout, and the power of design for spotlighting social good.

GD Minor Showcases Work

posters on display in a store window

During the Summer of 2020, CMD major and Graphic Design minor, Maya Rogers '20, completed a remote internship at Poster House Museum. The museum, which is located in Manhattan, showcases historical and contemporary poster design. Rogers designed these featured posters as part of the museum's COVID-19 precautions. 

Career Outlook

Ithaca College's minor in graphic design is a valuable addition to virtually any major—and opens doors to diverse careers in journalism, public relations, advertising, marketing, and more.

Career opportunities include positions as a visual designer; print designer; package designer; editorial designer; brand & identity strategic designer; production designer; layout artists; corporate communications designer; in-house graphic designer; creative designer; creative service manager; information graphic designer; communications director; presentation specialist; exhibition designer; environmental graphics designer; web designer; front-end web designer; designer/developer; social media designer; user interface (UI) designers; user experience (UX) designer; and more.