Dept. of AAHA Courses

Fall 2024

The course information listed in this section contains detailed information about many of the courses offered in the Department of Art, Art History, and Architecture.  

This supplemental information is specific to each semester and provides more information about particular classes than can be found in the HomerConnect schedule or in the Undergraduate Catalog. Additional information about individual courses may be obtained from the instructor of a particular course.

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ART1010001T&P: Play & Exploration1 
ART1100001Intro Drawing: The World4Hunsinger, Patricia
ART1110001Intro Drawing: Triple Eye4Brumfield, Katlyn
ART1120001Intro Drawing: Map It4Lavetsky, Jill
ART12000012-D Design4Hunkele, Kaleb
ART1410001Intro Painting: Wilderness4Lia-Kloppel, Amber
ART1420001Intro Painting: Identities4Engler, Dara
ART1510001Intro Sculpture: Identities4Hastings, Bill
ART1510002Intro Sculpture: Identities4Hunter, Julianne
ART1600001Intro Print Media4 
ART1610001Intro Print: Sustainablity4Hunsinger, Patricia
ART2100001Inter Drawing4Hunter, Julianne
ART2120001Figure Drawing4Engler, Dara
ART2250001Graphic Design I4 
ART2250002Graphic Design I4 
ART2260001Typography and Design4 
ART2400001Intermediate Painting4Infalvi, Neil
ART2500001Inter Sculpture4Hastings, Bill
ART2600001Intermediate Print Media4 
ART2800001Digital Studio I4Velázquez Solís, Paulina
ART3010001T&P: Contemporary Theories4Liesching, Carla
ART3100001Advanced Drawing4Hunter, Julianne
ART3400001Advanced Painting4Infalvi, Neil
ART3500001Advanced Sculpture4Hastings, Bill
ART3600001Advanced Print Media4 
ART4010001T&P: Professional Practices4Hastings, Bill
ARTH1140001Architecture Across Cultures4 
ARTH1140002Architecture Across Cultures4 
ARTH1600001Art Across Cultures4Majeed, Risham
ARTH1600002Art Across Cultures4Majeed, Risham
ARTH2070001The Architecture of Patterns4Salomon, David
ARTH2560001History of Graphic Design4DeDominick, Allison
ARTH2650001Modern Latin American Art4Jolly, Jennifer
ARTH2700001Art and Architecture of Africa4Majeed, Risham
ARTH2920001Introduction to Museum Studies4Wilson, Paul
ARTH3020001Architectural Studio II4Soltani, Zohreh
ARTH3020002Architectural Studio II4Soltani, Zohreh
ARTH3750001Selected Topics in Art History4Wilson, Paul
ARTH3800001Architectural History & Theory4 
ARTH4800001Senior Portfolio: Arch Studies1Soltani, Zohreh
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