Department Administration

  • Paul Wilson
    Associate Professor and Chair - Contemporary Art and Museum Studies
  • Dara Engler
    Associate Professor and Associate Chair - Painting, Drawing
  • Doreen Brown
    Administrative Assistant
  • Julia Yang
    Administrative Assistant

Art Faculty

  • Katlyn Brumfield
    Lecturer - Drawing
  • Patti Capaldi
    Associate Professor - Two-dimensional Design, Graphic Design
  • Dara Engler
    Associate Professor and Associate Chair - Painting, Drawing
  • Ty Finck
    Lecturer - Graphic Design, Typography & Design
  • Bill Hastings
    Assistant Professor and Art Education Liaison - Sculpture, Theories of Art Practice, Drawing
  • Kaleb Hunkele
    Lecturer - Two-dimensional Design, Printmaking
  • Pat Hunsinger
    Assistant Professor - Drawing, Printmaking
  • Julianne Hunter
    Lecturer - Drawing
  • Neil Infalvi
    Lecturer - Drawing, Painting, Two-dimensional Design 
  • Jill Lavetsky
    Lecturer - Drawing
  • Amber Lia-Kloppel
    Lecturer - Drawing, Painting, Two-dimensional Design
  • Carla Liesching
    Lecturer - Theories of Art
  • Paulina Velázquez Solís
    Lecturer - Digital Studio, Drawing
  • Jessica Warner
    Lecturer - Drawing, Painting

Art History Faculty

  • Allison DeDominick
    Lecturer - Early Modern Art, History of Graphic Design
  • Jennifer Jolly
    Professor - Latin American and Pre-Columbian Art
  • Risham Majeed
    Associate Professor - Museum Studies, African Art, and Medieval Art
  • Paul Wilson
    Associate Professor and Chair - Contemporary Art and Museum Studies

Architectural Studies Faculty

  • Lauren O'Connell
    Professor - History of Architecture and Urbanism
  • David Salomon
    Associate Professor - Architectural Design, Architectural History, Architectural Theory, Patterns
  • Zohreh Soltani
    Assistant Professor - Art, Architecture, and Urbanism of the Modern Middle East; Architectural Design

Handwerker Gallery Staff

Retired Department Members