Scholarship, Passion, and Commitment

These are the trademarks of teacher education in the School of Humanities and Sciences. Our small, selective, undergraduate program is looking for students who are hardworking, motivated, and eager to make a difference in children's lives.

Why choose Ithaca? Our programs combine rigorous preparation in an academic major with courses in education that allow students to combine theory with practice. From the very first year of Education coursework until the final semester of student teaching, our students work in area schools, actually putting into practice what they are learning in the college classroom.

Our programs lead to New York State initial teacher certification in biology, chemistry, physics, English, social studies, mathematics, French, Spanish, German, and art.

We'll keep you engaged in fieldwork opportunities:

  • tutor in a local middle school resource room
  • spend a summer abroad studying at our London Center or one of our 50+ affiliated programs
  • teach during fall break in one of our partner schools in New York City
  • volunteer your time in our neighborhood elementary school where we have a formal partnership
  • work at the Southside Community Center in downtown Ithaca
  • tutor an English language learner in one of our public schools

Is Ithaca in your future? Teaching is more than a job for our graduates; they want to help young people learn, grow, and mature. They want to make a difference. Our students graduate as experienced, confident teachers who have their choice of professional opportunities. Many choose to teach in public schools throughout the country, including rural and urban settings. Among the other opportunities our graduates have pursued are teaching English in the Czech Republic, serving in Teach for America and the Peace Corps, and entering graduate school in a variety of professions. Many go on to administrative roles in public school systems, and our graduates are included among the principals in our Ithaca City School District and throughout the Northeast.