Overseas study can transform a college career, and history classes are almost always available in any program located off campus.  The London Center offers multiple history courses, and through any affiliated program, it is almost assured that you will be able to continue to make progress on our majors or minors while experiencing another part of the world.  It is also possible to study in places without an already affiliated program.

In recent years, we have had history majors in Argentina, Australia, Austria, Britain, Czech Republic, France, Italy, Japan, Spain, and (believe it or not) Samoa in the South Pacific.  IC also has a program in New York City, and IC students can join Cornell's Washington DC program.

Students have regularly cited these off-site opportunities as highlights of their undergraduate careers.

For more information on overseas study, see the Office of International Programs.

Spencer Mooney studied in Rome.

"I spent the Spring 2017 semester in Rome, Italy and came back to the States with many fresh perspectives. I took classes in history, art history, Italian, and contemporary politics. All of my classes were interesting, but my experiences outside the classroom were what really distinguished this time for me. Not everything you learn in college comes from or should come from the classroom, and this is especially true when studying abroad. As a history student, coming to understand Italians’ particular relationship with public history was very informative. The physical remnants of their nation’s fascist past, for instance, are very visible in Rome today, in stark contrast to many other European nations’ as well as the United States’ attitude towards the darker periods of their histories. The city of Rome itself is especially interesting because it is simultaneously a major metropolitan area, a giant archeological site, seat of Italy’s government, nucleus of world Catholicism, and major tourist destination all wrapped into one. My course of study was flexible enough to allow me to travel extensively within Italy and France, as well as, briefly, to the United Kingdom, Belgium, Switzerland, and Poland. While abroad I got to experience much that would have been impossible in Ithaca, meaning things as banal as new culinary techniques but also seeing anti-Russian political rallies in Warsaw, skiing across national borders in the Alps, and meeting with members of the Italian Parliament to discuss immigration policy. Spending time away from the States helps put our most mundane cultural practices in perspective as well as gives us a better appreciation of new ones, and I highly recommend it."

Elena Roig studied in Berlin and travelled throughout Europe.

"I spent a semester in Berlin, Germany and I never anticipated that my time there would be as impactful as it was – both in my personal and academic life.  Being exposed to a different country’s perspective on teaching and learning history taught me some critical lessons that I brought back with me and helped me develop a deeper and more detailed understanding of history.  Aside from academic growth, I was able to travel through Europe with ease and spent time in France, Russia, Italy; the highlight of my travels outside of Germany was spending part of my spring break hiking in Croatia.  Berlin was also an intellectually and culturally rich city, rife with museums and a multitude of opportunities to immerse oneself in the arts, something I eagerly took advantage of.  I would recommend a semester abroad to any Ithaca College student, but history majors in particular have the potential to gain an invaluable amount from spending time abroad."

Ellie Holleran studied in Sydney.

"My time in Australia was truly the highlight of my college career. I lived directly in the city, and just a short bus or train ride away to the iconic Sydney Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge. I took four classes at the University of Sydney, a top ranked university in the country. I took two history and two government courses: Colonial Australia History, Australian Politics, US History, and environmental politics. The courses I took completely enhanced my experience in Australia. While I was able to skydive in Byron Bay, snorkel in the Great Barrier Reef, go zip lining in the jungle, drive the Great Ocean Road, it was my knowledge that I learned in class that helped me understand their culture. By learning Colonial Australian history, I was able to grasp the importance and meaning in all of my surroundings. I met some of my best friends Down Under, and was able to learn about subjects I would never have the chance to at Ithaca College. I am extremely grateful for the opportunities that were given to me to have the privilege of studying abroad in Sydney."