Chair of the Department:   

        Pearl Ponce, Professor and Chair - American Political and Diplomatic History


  • Jonathan Ablard
    Professor and Latin American Studies Coordinator - Latin American History
  • Karin Breuer
    Associate Professor - Modern Europe, Germany
  • Vivian Bruce Conger
    Professor - Early American History (Colonial, American Revolution, Early National), American Women's History
  • Jason Freitag
    Associate Professor - South Asia, Middle East, British Empire
  • Matthew Klemm
    Associate Professor - Medieval and Ancient History, Medieval Intellectual History, History of Science and Medicine
  • Zoe Shan Lin
    Assistant Professor - Chinese history
  • Michael Smith
    Professor - Environmental History
  • Michael Trotti
    Professor - United States, Social and Cultural History, 20th Century
  • Zenon Wasyliw
    Professor - USSR, East Central Europe, Russia, Global History; Social StudiesTeacher Education


      Penny Bogardus, Administrative Assistant

Professors Emeritus