Pre-registration Information

The History Department allows majors and minors to pre-register in order to ensure students have access to seats in our courses.

New Pre-registration Procedures

Fall 2024 registration (begins April 2, 2024) procedures:  

  • Students register for classes through Homer.
  • Students must meet with their advisors to receive a registration access code (RAC).  Without it, students cannot access Homer to register.  All faculty are willing to meet with students via in-person; phone, email, or Zoom. 
  • In order to ensure that history students have preferential access to our classes, both majors and minors can pre-register for classes.  Our pre-registration luncheon is scheduled for Tuesday, March 19, 2024, from 12:10 to 1:00 pm in Clark Lounge where faculty will present their spring courses and field student questions about them.  
  • To pre-register:
    1. The pre-registration form will be provided at the bottom of this page in addition to having it e-mailed to students on Monday, October 16, 2023.  Forms will also be available at the luncheon on October 17, 2023.   
    2. Students can fill out the form and email it to Penny Bogardus . However, this must be done by 5:00 pm on  Friday, October 20, 2023.  Students may request up to two 100-, 200- or 300- level courses, contingent upon the course’s enrollment cap. Forms will be processed and courses filled in the order in which they are received.
    3. The pre-registration process CANNOT be used to override time conflicts; course capacities; or financial or medical holds.  
    4. Majors may only pre-register for 2 classes total across their whole schedule. Minors may only pre-register for 1 class.  If a student can preregister in more than one department, they will need to coordinate their choices carefully as the Dean’s office will only allow a student to be placed into 2 courses before their regular registration time.
    5. When a student’s registration time arrives, they complete their registration by adding their other courses.

Students are not required to pre-register, but it is clearly in their best interests to do so.  Students who do not pre-register lose this opportunity for preferential seating and will have to wait to see if openings are available during the regular registration process.

file-outline Spring 2024 History Pre-Registration Form - Pre-Registration History Form Spring 2024.docx (21.12 KB)
file-outline Spring 2024 Course Slides - Spring 24-HIST Courses by Professor.pptx (13.32 MB)

Questions about Pre-registration?

For more information about History Department pre-registration, please contact Penny Bogardus, Administrative Assistant for the History Department.