This award, formerly known as The Elliott Mayrock Writing Award, is given in recognition of exemplary work in upper level history classes. A modest check is issued to the recipient in honor of this award.  A call for submissions circulates each spring for the best 400-level (seminar or tutorial) paper of the year.

Recent Award Winners:

2023  Bryonna Morey

2022  N/A

2021  Dean Freeman and Samantha Brandal

2020  Madeline Beauford with honorable mentions to Elizabeth Gillespie and Zachary Gregg

2019  Colin Palm

2018  Victoria Sheridan

2017  Hannah Crisafulli

2016  Alyssa Gilliam

2015  Eric Trautman-Mosher; with honorable mentions to: Olivia Boyle; Celina Foran; Emily Gallik; and Laura Hill

2014  Steven Brasley and Charles Russak

2013   Caitlin O'Connell and Jacob Schroeder

2012   Megan Gaul and Meg Rindfleisch

It wasn't until I started graduate school that I realized just how valuable my history degree was, especially with how much focus the Ithaca History Department places on writing.  I learned how to conduct research, cite sources, use evidence to make arguments, and be clear and direct in my writing.

Greg Peterson, class of 2009