This scholarship was established in 2002 due to the generosity of a Professor of History in the department, Robert Ryan.  The History Department is pleased to be able to offer these awards to students who have excelled in their academic work in the department, and at Ithaca College overall. 

All applicants must:

  1. be a History major enrolled full-time for the period of the award,
  2. have a minimum GPA of 3.0 in history classes and a 3.0 overall, and
  3. have a minimum of 9 credits of in IC history department courses , either completed or currently enrolled.

We typically are able to provide multiple awards to students in each class, providing valuable support to History majors as they move through their course of study. 

    Students Who Have Earned the Robert A. Ryan Scholarship:

    2022:  Charlie Benoit; Brighid Higgins; Gabby Krain-Sasson; Carleigh Madden; Steven Soravilla; Ethan Tuomala

    2021:  Tristan Berlet; Dean Freeman; Hannah Frey; Alma Guardado; Brighid Igoe; Catherine Johnston; Ali Lamoreaux; Taylor Quattrocchi; Isabella Watts; Ethan Tuomelo

    2020  Samantha Brundal; Spencer Cadley; Hunter Flamm; Catherine Introcaso; Finley MacGregor; Araxie Mehrotra; Victoria Sheridan; Brittany Spoto; Eliza Wildes

    2019  Samantha Brundal; Naomi Hansen; Cameron MacGregor; Kayla Marr; Araxie Mehrota; Eva Rudo; Brittany Spoto; Luis Valderrama; Eliza Wildes

    2018  Madeleine Anthony; Amanda Boyle; Joseph Buttimer; Evan Denning; Naomi Hansen; Natalie Howlett; Spencer Mooney

    2017  Madeleine Anthony; Amanda Boyle; Joseph Buttimer; Evan Denning; Samantha DiFalco; Naomi Hanson; Natalie Howlett; Spencer Mooney; Drew Stierhoff

    2016  Madeleine Anthony; Kaleb Cabisca; Evan Denning; William Loveland; Joseph Buttimer; Samantha Cripe; Eleanor Holleran; Allison Salzman

    2015  Alexander Accetta; Joseph Buttimer; Evan Denning; Megan Dunn; Celina Foran; Bud Gankhuyag; Eric Trautman-Mosher; Nicholas Tryka; Christopher Whalen

    2014  Emily Gallik; Bud Gankhuyag; Joshua S. Greenfield; Jacob Huston; David Kaminsky; Johannah Litwin; Simone Noonan

    2013  Cayla Cluckey; Meredith R. McWeeney; Joanna E. Miller; Jack B. Mohrbacher; Jessica Mortellaro; Matthew A. Prokosch; Corinne E. Swanson; Benjamin T. Weger

    2012  Megan Gaul; Ashley Jacoby; Meredith McWeeney; Kathleen O’Loughlin; James Strouss; Corinne Swanson

    2011  Rachel Corcoran; Kaitlyn Dunphy; Megan Gaul; Ashley Jacoby; Ian Mahoney

    2010  Christopher Allaire; Jesse Atkins; Kevin Fry; Ian Mahoney; Rachel Walker

    2009  Chris Allaire; Brittany Bovenizi; Christopher Crawford; Andrew Zivic

    2008  Priyum Banerjee; Angelica Burton; Jeffrey Taylor; Andrew Zivic

    2007  David Cutler; Lauren Georger; Mandi Morningstar; Amanda Sticker

    2006  Lauren Georger; Jude Gullie; Mandi Morningstar; Benjamin Sibley

    2005  Jude Gullie; Alexis Heath; Antonio Saccoccio; Patrick Vrooman

    2004   Elizabeth Gardiner; Jarett Powers; Zulekia Shepard; Megan Talmadge

    2003   Brian Ohl; Jarett Powers; Zulekia Shepard; Bozhidar