Summer STEM Scholars Program

Faculty in the Department of Biology offer an array of summer research opportunities.

Faculty Advisors for Summer 2023 are:

Sample projects are listed here. Contact individual faculty for more details. 

student in the woods holds up a clear bag with flying squirrel inside

(Pre-Covid) Summer scholars have been 8-10 week full-time paid positions, through either internal or external grant funding.  All students are eligible for most of these positions regardless of GPA or class year. 

(Pre-Covid) Broader Opportunities On and Off Campus

Summer research gives the flexibility to run experiments, visit places, and do field research that might not fit within class schedules during the academic year.  Recent summer scholars have

  • Visited Puerto Rico to sample plants on the beaches and microbes in the water with Peter Melcher, Susan Witherup, Nanda Cortes, and Dave Gondek
  • Made a road trip to ponds around the Northeast to sample aquatic invertebrates with Brooks Miner
  • Trapped small mammals at dawn at nearby Sapsucker Woods with Leann Kanda
  • Worked on C. elegans in a collaborator's research lab at University of Maryland with Te-Wen Lo
  • Learned new cell imaging techniques at Cornell University with Ed Cluett
  • Gotten a behind-the-scenes tour of the Smithsonian Conservation Institute at the National Zoological Park with Nanda Cortes

How to Apply for Summer Scholars

  1. Review faculty projects and talk with faculty members about their summer opportunities.  Talking with faculty members is key! We promise we don't bite.  But we are far more likely to advocate for a student to join our summer team if we've met with you beforehand.
  2. Submit an application through the common H&S Summer Scholars Program.