Mail Services

SUMMER HOURS May 22 - August 7

Monday - Thursday 8am to 5pm, Fridays 8am to 3pm

Early Fridays - Final DEPARTMENTAL mail/package pickup


As the College responds to the threat posed by the spread of COVID-19, Mail Services has had to make a number of changes to its normal operations. We remain committed to providing the IC community with the best possible service during this period. We will continue to make updates to this page as circumstances change.

For Students

Existing Letter Mail and Packages

If a student currently has a letter or package which has been delivered to the College, they have two options for retrieving it:

1) Students can have their items forwarded/returned/shipped to their desired location at any time. Please send an email to with your name, the tracking number(s) for the item(s), and their desired forwarding location. Once received we will help determine the best method to send your item(s) to you.

  • If it came via the USPS, it may be eligible for free forwarding depending on the mail classification.

  • If it came via a carrier like UPS, FedEx, DHL, or the USPS mail classification is not eligible for Forwarding, the student will need to arrange new shipping for the item. We will provide instructions on how to purchase new shipping.

2) Otherwise, IC Mail Service will hold all of the letter mail and packages currently in its care through - at least - the end of the period of remote instruction. Students will be able to pick up all pending items upon return to campus at such time.

Additional questions can be emailed to Students can also call 607-274-7322, ext. 1, to talk to a staff member.

Incoming Letter Mail and Packages

Just as we would over the Summer, we will work with students to find solutions for any items that are shipped to the College during this period - but students should make an effort to minimize or halt the flow of incoming letters and packages. While students are away from campus, and until things have returned to normal, they should do their best to make sure that any new items they purchase or expect to receive are not shipped to their College residence.

Any future student shipments we receive will be processed and stored in the Mail Center. Students will then be notified, and should receive instructions for retrieval - which should largely follow the process for existing letter mail and packages outlined above.

For Faculty and Staff

During the period of disruption caused by the COVID-19 outbreak, IC Mail Service will continue to service the College's departmental needs to the best of its ability. In consultation with Public Safety, Facilities, and the Administration, we plan to do so via two tracks:

  • Essential-Designated Departments - these departments will receive daily letter mail and package deliveries. It is expected that these will take place in the afternoon - after outside carriers have delivered to the College - and that Mail Services will pick up any outgoing items at that time. These designated departments are:
    • Facilities
    • Dining Services
    • Public Safety
    • Residential Life
    • Information Technology
    • Hammond Health Center
    • PRW (assorted departments)
    • Alumni Hall (assorted departments)

Early Fridays - Final DEPARTMENTAL mail/package pickup

  • All Other Departments - any departments not found on the list above will be able to pick up letter mail and packages at the IC Mail Center (located below Public Safety). If possible, Faculty and Staff should let us know if/when they are coming to inquire if any materials are available for pickup. Personal interactions will be minimized to the best of our ability. Hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes will be available in the Mail Center vestibule.

Additional questions can be emailed to Staff can also call 607-274-7322, ext. 1, to to the Mail Services team directly.


Tracking Packages Online

  • USPS (US Postal Service / US Mail)
  • UPS
  • FedEx (Express, Ground and Home packages)
  • DHL

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Policy Regarding Employee Personal Mail and Packages

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