Employee Personal Mail and Packages

Pursuant to Ithaca College Policy 3.7.3 (Use and Disposal of College Property)

The Campus Mail DELIVERY System is reserved for Ithaca College business, and only those students and employees who live in campus housing.

  • Only items pertaining to campus residents and/or College business will be delivered via the Campus Mail System.
  • Personal mail and packages belonging to Staff or Faculty (except those employees, such as Residence directors, living in campus housing) should never be addressed or delivered to Ithaca College. Any item received by Mail Service which appears to be personal in nature will be flagged and held at the Mail Center, and the recipient will be notified. If the recipient confirms that the item is for college business, it will be redirected for departmental delivery. Flagged packages are subject to Return to Sender if no response to notification is received.

All outgoing personal mail and packages being mailed or shipped through IC Mail Service must be paid for. Only items pertaining to College business will be paid for with College funds

  • We have USPS Forever postage Stamps available to purchase at the Mail Center 
  • Need to purchase UPS shipping? You can download our personal Shipping Form here (PDF) - Bring this with your package to the Mail Center. Shipping fees are calculated with this completed form and your package ready to ship. Cash and Credit Card accepted.  

All prepaid mail and packages will be accepted at the Mail Center - no forms required