Award Opportunities

Center for Faculty Research and Development (CFRD) Released Time

Full-time, continuing faculty members are invited to submit proposals to the Center for Faculty Excellence for CFRD released time during the 2016-2017 academic year.

The Center for Excellence seeks to further the mission and goals of Ithaca College by supporting the professional development of its full-time, continuing faculty. It does this by providing released time for faculty:

a) to pursue pedagogical, research (including collaborative student/faculty and service-
    learning research), and creative projects;
b) to engage in outreach “service” activities that engage the faculty member’s professional
     training and talents; and
c) to write grant proposals that will be submitted to external sources for additional funding.

The Center’s role is to support worthwhile endeavors that faculty choose to pursue in exchange for a reduction in teaching load. Proposals for CFRD released time submitted to the Center for Faculty Excellence must:

a) be consistent with the mission and goals of Ithaca College;
b) contribute or have the potential to contribute significantly to the professional development of the faculty member submitting the proposal; and
c) enhance or lead to the enhancement of the intellectual life, scholarly discourse, and/or
    learning environment of the College.

Proposals for released time are invited in the areas outlined above (research/creative endeavors; pedagogical projects; outreach/service activities; grant-writing efforts). They should be routed through department chairs and deans to the Center for Faculty Excellence (Gannett 316), and should be no more than two single-spaced pages. Longer proposals may be read with prejudice. Proposals must clearly explain (in language that is accessible to a wide range of academic readers) what project or activity is being undertaken; what their purposes and goals are; and how they contribute to the professional development of the faculty member. Proposals that do not meet these basic criteria will not be considered. 

Proposals that contribute to the current initiatives of Ithaca College will receive priority consideration. We are also seeking proposals that involve released time for more than one person – for example, interdisciplinary proposals from faculty in two or more departments or schools, departmental projects undertaken by more than one faculty member, and so forth. In these cases, please be sure that the amount of released time requested is justified by the nature of the work proposed.

While proposals are limited to three credit/load hours in any given year, they can continue for more than one year and faculty members are encouraged to propose long-term as well as short-term projects. In short, we recognize that not all projects fall into discrete one-semester units.

Like other faculty development support programs, proposals will be evaluated on their merits. The Center for Faculty Excellence will also fund special projects that do not fall neatly into any of these categories or for which special consideration is appropriate. Faculty who anticipate being on a sabbatical any semester during the academic year 2016-2017 are NOT eligible to apply for this cycle.

Please submit your proposal (including the Cover Sheet, which may be downloaded below, and no more than two single-spaced pages) to your respective dean (through your department chair) by Friday, October 23. We in turn ask deans to review the proposals and forward only those deemed appropriate and competitive to the Center for Faculty Excellence, 316 Gannett Center,  by Friday, October 30. As part of their review process for CFRD proposals, deans are responsible for determining the administrative feasibility of the proposed released time.

Download CFRD Proposal Cover Page