Account Expiration

Access to most Ithaca College accounts is terminated upon an IC community member's official date of separation from the college (i.e. graduation, retirement, resignation, etc.), with the exception of the accounts and services listed below. The college reserves the right to disable access to any account at any time.

E-mail for Students: Effective May 2013, students retain lifetime access to their personal IC email account.

E-mail for Faculty and Staff: The college provides a 90-day grace period for accessing ones personal IC e-mail account for faculty and staff who leave the college. E-mail account expiration reminders are periodically sent to the user's account during the grace period.

E-mail for Retirees: Retirees retain lifetime access to their personal IC e-mail account.

Faculty Web Pages: Faculty retirees retain lifetime access to Web Profile Manager to maintain their faculty profile.

myHome: Access to myHome remains available for as long as a user has access to accounts within myHome, such as Outlook Web App and Web Profile Manager. Access to other accounts and services within myHome is disabled.