College Owned

New computers are purchased by departments as part of the budget planning process. All new computer purchases must be budgeted for using the regular college budgeting guidelines. New equipment requests must be approved by the appropriate Dean, Director or Vice President before being purchased. After the initial purchase of the 'standard' computer or laser printer, it becomes an asset in the Technology Renewal Program and is replaced every three years.

The Technology Renewal Program automatically covers the replacement of most of the college’s 'standard' computer systems and networked laser printers once they have been purchased by your department. The computer CPU, keyboard and mouse are replaced every three years. Networked laser printers every four years. Other components and peripherals such as speakers, monitors, office printers, etc, are not replaced under the renewal program.

DIIS has a standard software image that it installs on all new college owned computers. If a department or an individual needs specialized software that is not included in the standard software bundle, that software can be ordered and installed on own. Departments can purchase an SPSS Statistics network license from DIIS. 

DIIS Project Proposals

Any new equipment (like a new server) that is approved and purchased may still need to go through the DIIS Project Proposal process if it is not a standard computer. If you are considering implementing a new software application, consult with DIIS before purchasing the product so that we can confer with you regarding the specifications and the workload and effort required to get the system up and running on the IC network.

Purchases Guidelines

DIIS Catalog for the Purchase of New Computers and Networked Printers

The DIIS catalog contains new "standard" computer and printer options for departments. Once ordered and installed, these items will become part of the the Technology Renewal program. This catalog sends a request for items to the appropriate department purchaser/approver, who will then need to process and enter the requisition into Parnassus. If you are interested in a network printer or computer not on this list, or would like to inquire about custom items or volume discounts for the items listed, you may send a request to diis_catalog@ithaca.edu.

Users with access to the college's on-line requisitioning system iProcurement can use that system to create a requisition for the standard computer and network printer listings via the 'shopping lists' function.

Ordering on Own

If DIIS does not need to install the item, these items can be "ordered on own". Please refer to the Ithaca College Purchasing Department's list of recommended vendors when ordering hardware and software on own.

  • For purchases under $2,000 (netbooks, iPads, software, attached printers, scanners, keyboards, mice, monitors, PDAs, cables and cell phones and port replicators or docking stations), departments order these items directly from vendors of their choice using an IC Procurement Card or EZ PAY.
  • For DIIS installed and supported computers, network printers and purchases over $2,000, an Ithaca College Purchase Order must be created. Departments must use iProcurement in the Parnassus system to submit a requisition for their item. Please follow IC Purchasing Policies for items over $2,000.
  • Most specialized software can be ordered on own
  • Orders for SPSS Statistics are placed through DIIS
  • When purchasing software for the college, identify yourself as a college employee with the retailer in order to receive special academic pricing. The Ithaca College Bookstore is a convenient retailer on campus offering many discounted specialty software titles for faculty, staff, students and departments. The Bookstore also participates in the Adobe Contractual Licensing Program (CLP) providing the Adobe software (Acrobat, Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, Flash, Dreamweaver etc.) at significantly reduced prices. Software can be purchased from many other retailers as identified on the Purchasing website.

Port replicators for Dell E-series laptops

Dell E6000 series model laptops (E6100, E6400, etc) are currently being installed for Technology Renewal.  If you already have an "E" series port replicator or docking station, it will work with any "E" series laptop.   New "E" series port replicators can be ordered via the Dell Education website.  (Note: the older "D" series port replicators are not compatible with the "E" series laptops.)

Order with Help from DIIS

  • SPSS Statistics can be ordered from DIIS by completing the appropriate order form. Print out the completed form, sign it, and return it to the DIIS Business Office, 302 Job Hall, attention DIIS/SPSS. A DIIS Endpoint Service Technician will install SPSS Statistics.
  • For purchases under $2000 which require DIIS installation or support, please consult with the DIIS Coordinator of Technology Renewal and Endpoint Acquisition before making the purchase.
  • Memory Upgrades: Additional computer memory is available in a variety of sizes and types, and requirements and configurations can vary from system to system. Please submit a Memory Upgrade Request form to arrange for an DIIS Endpoint Technician to come to your office and inspect your computer system. They will advise you as to available options and pricing. For more general information on memory, and what function it serves, see below.

Budgeting Information

All new computer purchases must be budgeted for, must follow the appropriate budgeting guidelines and must be approved by the appropriate Vice President before the item is purchased.