Wireless (Wi-Fi)


ICAirnet-Secure is the recommended wireless network for faculty and staff (including affiliates). A valid Netpass username and password are required for authentication to ICAirnet-Secure. This network is available in all academic and administrative areas and provides a secure, encrypted connection. Windows computers require one or more configuration files be installed the first time the connection is made.

Setting up ICAirnet-Secure

  • Follow the steps for your operating system to connect to ICAirnet-Secure
  • A valid Netpass username and password will be required to connect

Mac OS X

  • Select the Airport icon in the menu bar, choose Turn AirPort (or Wi-Fi) On, if necessary, then choose the ICAirnet-Secure network
  • In the User Name: field enter your Netpass username (Do not include @ithaca.edu)
  • In the Password: field enter your Netpass password
  • Do not change the information in any other fields
  • Click OK
  • If prompted with a "Verify Certificate" window click Continue. (You may be asked to enter your administrator password)
  • You should now have a secure wireless connection to the Internet
  • From now on, be sure to choose ICAirnet-Secure from the Airport icon and login with your Netpass username and password each time you want a secure wireless connection to the Internet.


NOTE - Windows 10 is not compatible with ICAirnet-Secure, please use ICAirnet or ResNet where appropriate.

Connecting to ICAirnet-Secure on Windows computers requires the installation of the EAP-GTC authentication protocol and a correctly configured wireless profile. To help automate the process please download the configuration files that matches your computer's architecture: (To check your architecture, right click computer, select properties and look for the system type entry.)

For 32-bit computers please download: ICAirnet-Secure 32 bit configuration

For 64-bit computers please download: ICAirnet-Secure 64 bit configuration

  • Once your download completes extract the file and double click to open, if prompted allow the file to run.
  • A black window will appear and install the required protocol and profile.
  • Once the installation completes it is recommended that you reboot your computer.
  • Once your computer finishes rebooting select the ICAirnet-Secure wireless network and click connect. You should be prompted to enter your Netpass username and password, leave the domain field blank, and click okay.
  • Your computer should connect to the network and give you full internet access.

If you change your password, you will need to re-connect to ICAirnet-Secure with your new password. The ITS Service Desk in Job 104 is available to assist with ICAirnet-Secure configurations.

Mobile Devices

Exact steps will vary by device.

  • In your wifi settings, connect to "ICAirnet-Secure"
  • In the User Name/Identity field, enter your Netpass username
  • In the Password field enter your Netpass password
  • ICAirnet-Secure uses 802.1x EAP
  • EAP method is PEAP
  • Phase 2 authentication is GTC
  • After changing your NetPass password, "forget" the ICAirnet-Secure network and reconnect 

Other Operating Systems and Devices

Other operating systems or devices might be able to successfully connect to ICAirnet-Secure, but ITS cannot provide support for operating systems not listed above.