External Fellowships, Grants, and Academic Opportunities

If you are interested in applying for a nationally- or internationally recognized fellowship, grant, or scholarship, the External Fellowships and Grants Committee (EFGC) is here to help. The committee was formed to provide information to students on selective fellowships and grants--including the Rhodes, Truman, Goldwater, Fulbright, Marshall, Udall, Killam, and Boren awards--for both undergraduate and post-graduate study. Members of the committee are available to give advice and guide you through the application process. Student Fellowships and Grants are competitive, external grants, not to be confused with student financial aid grants or internal Ithaca College grants available to H&S students.

Many of these awards require institutional nomination, which means that you must submit your application to a member of the EFGC well in advance of the final deadline. Below is a list of committee members; you should feel free to contact any of us with questions. If you are simply looking for a place to begin, contact Hugh Egan, faculty coordinator for External Fellowships, Grants, and Academic Opportunities.

Rachel Gould, Director of Study Abroad (rgould@ithaca.edu)

Hugh Egan, Professor of English (eganh@ithaca.edu)

Peter Melcher, Associate Professor of Biology (pmelcher@ithaca.edu)

Robert Sullivan, Associate Professor of Communication Studies  (rsulliva@ithaca.edu)