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Posted by Chloe Wilson at 9:39PM   |  13 comments

Blog posting written by Chloe Wilson, Television-Radio '14, FLEFF Blogger, Ashland, Massachusetts.

Hello, FLEFFers!

My name is Chloe Wilson, and I'm excited to be back blogging with FLEFF for the second year in a row!

I'm a junior television-radio major with a concentration in scriptwriting.  I also have a triple minor in history, legal studies, and the honors program.

I grew up in Ashland, Massachusetts - the original home of the Boston Marathon!  I'm not athletic by any means, but I live close enough to the marathon route that I can walk outside of my house, set up a lawn chair, and cheer for all the marathoners running by.

Even though I grew up just outside of Boston, I'm a New Yorker at heart.  I spent my last summer interning at Viacom in NYC while simultaneously working with a small non-profit.  As much as I love media, I also love giving back to my community.

I consider the Ithaca area (and the surrounding Finger Lakes) my community.  As a college student, I feel like I'm always mobile - travelling home for break, travelling to Syracuse to visit friends, travelling back to Ithaca for the new semester - and I'm excited to explore the idea of mobility in film and new media.

This year, FLEFF begins with a Kick-Off Screening on March 3rd.  It's an Upstate Filmmakers showcase, featuring artists such as Carol Jennings, John Scott, and Jason Harrington. (Seeing as my birthday is March 2nd, it's like a belated present for me!)

The FLEFF schedule hasn't been announced yet, but I can't wait for the Kick-Off Screening.  What are you excited about for this year's FLEFF?


I feel like sitting in a lawn chair watching marathoners running by should definitely be a sport in itself!

I'm excited to be working with you again this year, Chloe! And to answer your question, I have to say that I'm most excited for our partnership with EngageMedia. It's a great opportunity we have to get involved with such a high-profile establishment.

That should be a sport! It's very difficult - the marathoners take off their sweatshirts and other heavy clothing and throw it to sideliners. Catching it is actually really difficult!

I'm excited to work with EngageMedia too! Our groups are going to make some great content!

Great! I know her as a good person and great blogger too!

Jade Boyle,
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