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Announcing the 23nd Annual Finger Lakes Environmental Film Festival Online Migration


Launching March 23 and ongoing 

On the Ithaca College campus and downtown at Cinemapolis

Our 2020 festival theme is INFILTRATIONS, a term that refers both to environmental, health, and political issues and processes. 


Attacking from behind enemy lines, infiltrations suggest guerilla tactics. They undermine, weaken, and sometimes overcome the stronger power. Infiltrations subvert all forms of dominance and open spaces for new possibilities.

Infiltrations refers to the slow passage of liquid through a filtering medium, and also the permeation of liquids into another entity through filtrations.  It refers equally to the process of water entering the ground and then the soil below. 

Infiltrations trigger radical transformation without advance notification. Blues music infiltrated American and European consciousness to transform musical traditions and destabilize racial barriers. 

Infiltrations precede conversions and substitutions, sometimes with horrific results. Christian missionaries infiltrated indigenous communities to exploit them. 

Infiltrations also signal osmosis, gradually changing literal and metaphorical configurations.

Digital infiltrators invade our privacy, map our preferences, exploit our desires, and chart our social lives to monetize our futures.

Cancer infiltrates and destroys genetic codes. Gene splicing infiltrates biology in both beneficial and uncontrollable ways.

Mines infiltrate the earth’s surface, scarring and contaminating it. CO2 infiltrates the atmosphere and generates climatic chaos.

Water and wind infiltrate the earth’s porous cracks to remake atmospheres, continents, and oceans over unimaginably long time periods.

Sustainable systems infiltrate late-stage digital capitalism with the hope of altering its systems to propel human survival and ecological benefit.