Invisible Geographies New Media Exhibition



Viewfinders by Gerda Cammaer, Phillip Rubery, and Max Schleser


Canada/New Zealand/Australia, 2015–2017 | Gerda Cammaer, Phillip Rubery, and Max Schleser

Viewfinders is an online curation platform that allows users to augment video captured on smartphones into an extended documentary. By uploading one-minute traveling shots — video taken from moving vehicles — users contribute to an ongoing investigation into the content and aesthetics of travel films made on mobile devices.

The videos map individual experiences of travel, which are themselves curated by image-recognition software into a playlist of multiple experiences. The short video can be displayed via an augmented reality (AR) app on site or on the project’s website.

Individual videos are tagged with GPS metadata, so that Viewfinders contributes to the geographical data available. By combining multiple videos about a particular location, the project generates awareness of different relationships and experiences of the same space. Much like borders are experienced differently based on our passports and how we might appear to police, other spaces change according to who we are and who else occupies these spaces.

Viewfinders offers users the opportunity to see and think about how others have experienced the spaces through which they move. It allows users to discover a new view of what they see before them. A promotional video offers more details about this project.