Ithaca College established the Gerontology Institute in 1992 to serve as a campus and community resource that promotes and supports research, curriculum development, community education, and community service activities. The Institute offers programming for the public, as well as training for professionals for in health and aging services through a number of collaborative, internally funded and grant funded initiatives.

Our mission is to provide high quality education to students and professionals, empowering them to positively impact the lives of older people. The Institute also administers the Ithaca College Aging Studies major and minor for undergraduates and manages the Ithaca College/Longview Partnership now in its 20th year. Our students benefit from experiential learning opportunities and a close knit group of faculty and staff who are passionate about the work they do.

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The Dangers of Isolation in Older Adults

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"Friends worry that they will say the wrong thing or that what they say will not be received in the way it was intended, so they don't send a card or write a note at all." said Dr. Elizabeth Bergman who was interviewed for an article addressing how to support someone who is in hospice. Read more of Dr. Bergman's insights captured in Kevyn Burger's article.