Longview/IC Partnership

The Ithaca College/Longview Partnership

A unique program administered by the Gerontology Institute is the College's relationship with Longview, an Ithacare Community. In the early 1970s, through the efforts of Ithaca College administrators and community leaders, a College dormitory was converted into an adult care facility that became known as Ithacare. In 1989 Ithacare's board of directors decided to build a new facility and proposed a joint venture for the two institutions, featuring intergenerational programming and the sharing of services.

This adult residential facility is located just up the road from the College. Today the Longview facility includes a large classroom and demonstration space dedicated for Ithaca College use. Ithaca College faculty and students have been enjoying programmed activities at Longview since 1999. The mission of the College and Ithacare relationship is to create a unique, shared environment which enriches the College's academic curriculum, and affords members of both the College and Longview communities with intergenerational educational and social experiences; to facilitate personal and professional growth; to promote volunteerism; and to enhance the quality of life.

In a typical semester, two dozen faculty members, 4-5 staff members, and approximately 300 students from 20 majors interact with well over 100 residents in 40 different activities at Longview. And accordingly, Longview residents can be seen in classrooms across IC's campus, and are in attendance at many College performances and activities.

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Spring 2019 Longview-IC Shuttle

Download the current schedule here

This schedule is valid when classes are in session for the spring semester.

Note: The Longview/IC Shuttle does not operate if the driver is ill or if weather conditions makes driving hazardous. We try to keep the campus community updated with any change in the normal schedule, but at times it is difficult to get the information on the website before the first scheduled run. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Longview Takes on Ageism
Generations United Report: I Need You, You Need Me: The Young, The Old and What We Can Achieve Together
Generations United Report:  I Need You, You Need Me: The Young, The Old and What We Can Achieve Together

For the IC/Longview Partnership please see page 18 (a few lines down – begins “Young and old…..)

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