This Chair Rocks Online Book Discussion

As Ashton Applewhite is appearing as Ithaca College Gerontology Institute’s Distinguished Speaker this fall, we thought it would be AMAZING to read and talk about her book together!

You are invited to join us for a 10 week online community book read, culminating in Ms. Applewhite's appearance at Ithaca College on Monday, October 23, 2017.

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The Ithaca College Gerontology Institute is partnering with Lisa Kendall, Clinical Gerontologist and pro-aging advocate, to offer this informative, thought-provoking, and paradigm-busting conversation about age and aging in America.

Chapters will be rolled out weekly starting August 14th, 2017, and include:

Week #1 - Introduction: Welcome! Get your bearings and become familiar with the community conversation board, links, etc.

Week #2 - Chapter 1: The Problem with Ageism

Week #3 - Chapter 2: Our Ages, Ourselves - Identity

Week #4 - Chapter 3: Forget Memory - the Older Brain

Week #5 - Chapter 4: Health, Not Youth - the Older Body

Week #6 - Chapter 5: No Expiration Date - Sex and Intimacy

Week #7 - Chapter 6: Not Done Yet - the Workplace

Week #8 - Chapter 7: Long Life is a Team Sport - the Independence Trap

Week#9 - Chapter 8: The Bull Looks Different - the End of Life

Week#10 - Chapter 9: Occupy Age! Beyond Ageism

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This Chair Rocks: A Manifesto Against Ageism

About the Book From childhood on, we’re barraged by messages that it’s sad to be old. That wrinkles are embarrassing, and old people useless. Author and activist Ashton Applewhite believed them too—until she realized where this prejudice comes from and the damage it does. Lively, funny, and deeply researched, This Chair Rocks traces Applewhite’s journey from apprehensive boomer to pro-aging radical, and in the process debunks myth after myth about late life. The book explains the roots of ageism—in history and in our own age denial—and how it divides and debases, examines how ageist myths and stereotypes cripple the way our brains and bodies function, looks at ageism in the workplace and the bedroom, exposes the cost of the all-American myth of independence, critiques the portrayal of olders as burdens to society, describes what an all-age-friendly world would look like, and concludes with a rousing call to action. Whether you’re older or hoping to get there, this book will shake you by the shoulders, cheer you up, make you mad, and change the way you see the rest of your life. Age Pride!

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