Faculty, Fellows and Visiting Artists


The ITI faculty offer a wide variety of approaches to the written and visual arts. All are working contemporary artists who publish and exhibit their work in national and international contexts. Our faculty are dedicated to innovative approaches and traditions that value psychologically, culturally and politically engaged work.

Renee Gladman

Renee Gladman

2016 Faculty

Renee Gladman is an artist and writer preoccupied with lines, crossings, thresholds, geographies, and syntaxes as they play out in the interstices of poetry and fiction. She is the author of nine works of prose and one collection of poetry. Her recent titles include Calamities (Wave Books, forthcoming 2016), the Ravicka novels Event Factory (2010), The Ravickians (2011), and Ana Patova Crosses a Bridge (2013), all published by Danielle Dutton’s Dorothy Project, and a short crime novel Morelia forthcoming from Solid Objects Press. Her own publishing ventures comprise the zine Clamour (1996-1999), Leroy Chapbook series (1999-2003), and the perfect-bound press Leon Works (since 2005). Born in Atlanta, GA, in 1971, Gladman studied Philosophy at Vassar College and Poetics at New College of California. She has taught at several U.S. universities, most extensively as a professor of creative writing at Brown University. In 2014-2015, she was a fellow at Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study at Harvard, where she worked on Prose Architectures, an interdisciplinary project exploring the continuum between sentences and drawings. She lives in Providence, RI, with poet-ceramicist, Danielle Vogel.