Image Text (M.F.A.)

The Ithaca College low-residency Image Text MFA is a unique terminal degree program focused at the intersection of writing and photography. Students in our exploratory, flexible and innovative twenty-five month program work directly with faculty and visiting artists during three annual month-long summer sessions in Ithaca, New York and in two annual week-long winter sessions in a major international cultural capital. During the fall and spring academic terms, students pursue independent study in close consultation with their faculty mentors.

Integrating theoretical and conceptual studies with intensive creative practice, the program seeks to create a community that brings lens-based media and writing into a shared arena of discussion, including cross-disciplinary and collaborative work.

The current explosion of independent creative publishing is saturated with hybrid image-text works, and in journalistic and editorial work, writers are increasingly expected to photograph and photographers to write. The Image-Text MFA is the first program in the country to specifically focus on this vital and expanding intersection of creative and professional practice.

Students have the opportunity to work with the Image Text Ithaca Press. Modeled on contemporary photographic and literary small presses, the ITI Press publishes innovative works by national and international writers and artists.

This program seeks to prepare accomplished and original artists to make substantial contributions to literary and media arts fields, including print and online publication and exhibition, and encompassing experimental fiction, documentary and journalistic practices.

We welcome applicants with backgrounds in writing, photography and other lens-based media, and artists working across these forms and disciplines. Experience in both text and image-making is not required, but applicants must submit a portfolio that demonstrates sustained work in at least one of these areas, if not both.