January 30–March 3, 2019

Featured Artists

Andrea Chung (San Diego) | Nanibah Chacon (New Mexico) | Jennifer Ling Datchuk (San Antonio) |  Beili Liu (Austin) |  Ayanah Moor (Chicago) | Karina Skvirsky (New York) | Amanda Williams (Chicago)

Curated by Jeffreen M. Hayes, PhD

About the Exhibition

Rarely do those outside of the arts receive an opportunity to learn about an artist’s process into artmaking. Process invites viewers into the artmaking practice of seven artists whose works represent interdisciplinary approaches to lived experiences. The works of art included in the exhibition interpret process in a number of ways, from art practice to how an artist unpacks their personal experience that relates to the collectivity of humanity.

These works, while in a gallery setting, will also invite students to connect with art, and perhaps, process their time in Ithaca and at Ithaca College. The artists in the Process are part of identity groups that do not receive equitable representation in the arts, which mirrors society at-large. This exhibition centers these groups and invites underrepresented students, faculty and community members to experience Process, and hopefully, to see a part of themselves in the show.

Special Events

Opening Reception: Thursday, January 31, 5-7 p.m.