Shapes of Time
The Handwerker Gallery presents:

SHAPES OF TIME: 2017-2018 Exhibition Season

Past, present, future. Time is often described as the linear and chronological sequencing of events, a form derived to simplify chaos, establish ideas, and tell stories. Time counts, and is counted, at different personal, social, planetary, and universal scales: minutes, hours, days, moons, seasons, lifespans, styles, reigns, eras, epochs, eons. 

But time can also beat the clock: it flies, it ripens, it fades, it warps, it slips away. We can be ahead of it, behind it, or out of it; we can bide it, have it, borrow it, take it, keep it, lose it, and race against it. George Kubler’s book, The Shape of Time, explores the notion that chronological mapping of time is inaccurate in describing the way that ideas, culture, and memories evolve. In 2017-2018 the Handwerker Gallery will stage a series of exhibitions considering different perspectives on the immensity, limitations, and dimensionalities of time coinciding with the 40th Anniversary of the Handwerker Gallery and the 125th Anniversary of Ithaca College.

Exhibitions during the 2017-2018 calendar will propose non-linear and volumetric understandings of time and space: as a series of doorways, as a spiral, as infinitely expansive, as a network of pathways.  Gallery visitors will wander through portals between contemporary and historical spaces, ponder the immortal lives of biological specimens, and wonder about the geological immensity of both the archive and its flexible interpretation.

Don’t delay!  The clock is ticking…