Rhonda Vanover, Untitled, 2016

The Handwerker Gallery presents (opening February 1):


Wake and Temper: Rhonda Vanover

Curated by Mara Baldwin

February 1–March 5, 2017

Just as a photogram captures the shadow of an object once present and now removed, Rhonda Vanover’s images grasp at the mortal tensions between contact and loss, apparition and aberration, object and spectre. Her photographic and darkroom processes slow time to lay bare single moments for unsentimental scrutiny, tracing the iridescent shimmer of a dark feather, the gristle of an old bone found in the woods, or the smudge of dust on the edge of a fractured glass negative. The resulting images feel at once intimate, sparse, and strange—a tangled synesthetic experience where touch and smell and taste and sound become visible. Looking at Vanover’s images one becomes conscious and appreciative of the impermanence of everything—of bones, of glass, and even of photographic paper itself. 

Rhonda Vanover is an assistant professor of photography at Ithaca College. She received her Master of Fine Arts in Visual Studies from Pacific Northwest College of Art (Portland), and her undergraduate degree from the Pratt Institute (Brooklyn).

Last Standing: Linn Underhill

Curated by Mara Baldwin, Text by Diane McPherson

February 1–March 5, 2017

Linn Underhill began working on "Last Standing" after her older sister and last sibling died of lung cancer. In the midst of mourning, she woke one night with the impulse to make art out of her grief--to go to her studio, take off her clothes, and cry. Using a remote-controlled digital camera set on continuous exposure, she stood naked in front of the camera, crying. In later sequences she stands from a crouch, laughs, sings, jumps into the air, splits wood, and twirls a blanket around her like a bullfighter's cape. Each sequence, between four and six panels long, becomes an astonishing narrative about discovering the power still inherent in the aging female body.

Underhill, most recently an Associate Professor in the Department of Art and Art History at Colgate University, has been teaching, exhibiting her work, and curating photo exhibitions since 1972. She earned a Master of Fine Arts in Photographic Studies from SUNY Buffalo and Visual Studies Workshop, and an undergraduate degree in Photography from Alfred University. Between 1985 and 1988, she taught Introduction to Photography at Ithaca College.