Departing Employee Checklist

Employee Responsibilities

Prior to your employees last day of schedule work, they need to

  • Provide you with a letter of resignation (if voluntary)
  • Submit final time card and any used paid time away prior to final payroll cutoff

Departing employees are instructed to return the following items to you. Please return items accordingly:

  • College credit cards (travel/purchasing) – return to department administrator
  • Building and/or office keys – return to department administrator
  • College property (laptop, cell phone, tools, uniform, etc.) – return to department administrator
  • Any borrowed materials from the IC Library – return to Library
  • Ithaca College employee ID card – return to ID Office
  • Ithaca College parking permit (hang tags only) – return to Parking Services

Voluntary Exit Procedures – Policy Manual

Please review the exit procedure when you receive notice that an employee is leaving Ithaca College.

Manager Self-Service (Term Transaction in IC HR Cloud)

You, as the employee’s direct supervisor, must complete a termination transaction through IC HR Cloud. This process is under the My Team tab > My Team icon > then by choose the ellipsis (…) next to the departing employee > scroll until finding Terminate. For more detailed instructions, please visit our IC HR Cloud TeamDynamix site. Completion of this transaction will prompt information to be sent to the employee.

Please remember to approve their final timecard and review PTA balances prior to terminating the employee. This will ensure proper paycheck processing for the employee’s final paycheck.

Departing Employee Exit Process

The exit process is an online program, unless the employee chooses to meet with a member of the HR team. The email will include a checklist similar to the above items, benefits information, and an online Exit Interview Questionnaire. Please remember, your employee is directed to return items to you and you will need to return them to the appropriate entity.    

Computer Account Termination Policy

Following Ithaca College policy, please note that all faculty and staff accounts will be disabled within 24 hours of the last day of employment. For those in a bargaining unit, this will follow the terms of the bargaining unit's contract. This includes email accounts.

As the supervisor, you will need to change the guardianship of your departing employee’s computer assets. Please contact the Service Desk at 274-1000 to complete this item.  

Helpful Information to Know

Updated Address
If the employee is moving, they must provide us with their updated address to ensure benefits information and tax documents are sent to the correct address. They will be able to update their address within the online exit process.

Final Paycheck Information
Final paychecks are disbursed on the next regularly scheduled payday. Any unused vacation time will also be disbursed at that time.  If the employee does not have direct deposit, final payment(s) are mailed according to the regular pay schedule. Printed checks can be requested by contacting payroll prior to the last day. 

End of Benefits
Benefits will cease at the end of the pay period following the employee’s last day of work. An End of Benefits letter, including specific information regarding their benefits, including COBRA information will be mailed to the home address on file or the updated address provided online.