Our Values

Information Technology at IC believes that the organization's greatest asset is the quality and person integrity of its staff.  As IT staff members, we take personal responsibility for, are accountable to, and embrace a set of values that guide our daily actions.  These values result in excellent and innovative services, community respect, and job satisfaction.


We believe that integrity must be the foundational value guiding our interactions and our work.  People of integrity build trust through modeling intellectual honesty - recognizing our biases, strengths, and weaknesses; taking responsibility for our actions; and learning from our mistakes.  Acting with integrity compels us to set realistic expectations for one another, to follow through with our commitments, and to favor the good of the whole when competing priorities emerge.


We value an effective communication environment based on a willingness to hear all ideas and to engage in an open and honest exchange of those ideas, which results in a transparent decision-making process.


We recognize that effective teams empower, support, and respect each member. We will utilize staff talent across departments, regardless of specific job titles and responsibilities, and, dedicate ourselves to cooperation and collaboration.  We are committed to fostering mutual respect by acting ethically, welcoming difference, and embracing diversity.


We are committed to providing outstanding and reliable services. This requires an unwavering focus to define clear goals and priorities, and to expand the knowledge and skills of all IT staff members. This focus will result in projects and solutions designed and implemented in ways that meet and exceed expectations.


We believe a passion for quality and for the desire to constantly improve what we do and how we do it, are critical to our success.  We embrace creative solutions, different perspectives and paradigms, and new opportunities that result in stable, leading edge information technology.