Options for new or upgraded service

To improve your Internet performance start with reaching out to your service provider to see if they have recommendations on improving your service. Also, reach out to competitors to see if they can provide better service. Consider upgrading your router and upgrading your router firmware.

Direct connection to your house (via cable TV, DSL, fiber optic)

  • A great way to check your home Internet connection is to run a speed test.
  • Work with your service provider to see if you can improve connection to your home.
  • If you continue to have Internet connection issues consider updating your router.

Cellular Connections - leverages the cellular phone network

  • You can use your cell phone to create a hotspot.

Other Options: Accessing WiFi From A Parking Spot Near an Access Point

Consider community resources for drive-up WiFi or outdoor WiFi at parks that you feel are safe. See if your local library has free outdoor WiFi.

In addition, Ithaca College has a number of parking lots across campus where IC faculty can park and get a decent Ithaca College WiFi signal while sitting in a car. 

IC faculty who are in the Ithaca area and have limited connectivity options off-campus may drive to campus to use one of these parking spots.*  

We have updated the Ithaca College campus map to show these locations and listed them below

  • E Lot outside of Textor Hall — in the traffic circle and near Williams Hall
  • F Lot outside of Smiddy and Center for Health Sciences — within the first few rows from the building
  • G Lot outside of Hill Center
  • L Lot in the spaces near Terrace 13
  • O Lot outside the Roy H. Park School of Communications and Rothchild Place — within the first few rows from the buildings
  • P Lot outside of the Peggy Ryan Williams Center
  • U Lot outside of Phillips Hall and Campus Center — within the first few rows from the building

If you are unsure of what option is best for you, please reach out to the IT service desk — we may be able to help point you in a direction to pursue.

* Note: Remote education is an essential service that is exempt from the Governor’s 100% reduction of in-person workforce reduction.  However, even those performing essential services must continue to abide by social distancing of at least 6 feet for the health and welfare of all.