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AR and VR

Person wearing VR headset mirrored six times

person wearing VR headset

Immersive media (3D, 360 Video, Virtual Reality and Augmented/Mixed Reality) is a growing industry with demand in areas such as health care, entertainment, marketing, and education. While the tools to develop immersive content  have become more accessible, it’s often cost-prohibitive for individuals and departments to maintain the specialized hardware and software needed to build and test content and experiences.

To assist, Teaching and Learning with Technology is currently working with filmmaker and immersive media specialist Dr. Becky Lane to explore the immersive media landscape on campus and asses the needs of faculty and students. This exploration includes a campus-wide needs survey and analysis. In addition, during the month of April, there will be hands-on demonstrations and workshops in:

  • Introduction to 360 Video Creation

  • Augmented and Virtual Reality: What's the Difference?

  • Using Virtual Reality in Classroom Setting

  • Google Expeditions and Other Immersive Media as a Teaching Tool

  • Using 360 Content for tours and education

IC Immersive

IC student wearing AR goggles and headphones

IC student experiencing VR for the first time

Exploring AR, VR, and 360 video.

Virtual reality, augmented reality, and 360 video have the potential to impact education and industry in areas as diverse as the arts, medicine, architecture, advertising, and entertainment.  Advances in technology and the availability of reasonably priced hardware has made it feasible for Ithaca College to launch IC Immersive, an initiative designed to explore AR/VR/360 space. The goal of IC Immersive is to provide opportunities for the Ithaca College community to experience these technologies, foster communities of interest, and provide resources to explore its use in teaching and research. 

IC Immersive has 3 main components:

Learn and explore AR/VR/360

  • Provide opportunities to try out VR gear and experiences in our Instructional Media Lab VR studio.
  • Offer workshops on 360 video production, augmented reality, and virtual reality at multiple entry points.

Build Community around AR/VR/360

  • Facilitate online and in-person opportunities for individuals to share ideas, tips, tricks and experiences around immersive technologies. 
  • Create partnerships on campus.

Apply AR/VR/360 in teaching and research

  • Dr. Becky Lane, Instructional Designer and Educational Media Coordinator,  is available to collaborate on efforts to incorporate immersive technology in teaching and research.

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Open Hours

Please reach out to the TLT team to schedule a summer demo of AR/VR