Academic and Administrative Phone System

IT provides and maintains the campus telephone and voice mail systems. Dialing to on-campus and off-campus numbers is available on most campus telephones. In some cases, public telephones are restricted, usually to on-campus calls only. Voice mail is available to individual users and offices. A conference speaker phone is available on a loaner basis from the Service Desk.

Conference Calling

  • Most campus phone jacks can support a maximum of three parties connected to the call. The only charges associated with conference calls are those for long-distance calling. Please see the quick guide on the sidebar for more information on how to create a conference call with DTerm phones.
  • The IT Service Desk has a loaner conference phone available for conference call use. A conference phone is a specially designed telephone with microphone and speaker capabilities which allow several people to participate in a phone call. Conference phones can only be used in analog phone jacks; the phones are NOT compatible with "display" (digital) phone jacks. Most conference rooms and meeting spaces on campus are equipped with analog jacks. The Service Desk strongly recommends testing your conference call set-up prior to your scheduled call.
  • For conference calls that require more than three parties to be connected, fee-based conference calling can be arranged. Please contact the Service Desk 2-3 business days prior to your scheduled call to request this service.


Residential Hall Phone System

Ithaca College provides on-campus, local, toll-free and 911 telephone service to students in the residence halls on an opt-in basis. Students can request phone service when they arrive on campus by contacting the IT Service Desk, please be ready to share your room number and contact information. Telephones are not provided by the College or IT. Students are required to purchase their own phone. A phone calling card will be necessary to make long-distance phone calls.