• Students are given a complimentary print allowance at the start of each semester and will be able to use ID Express for printing needs that exceed the allowance. The allowances are:
    • $7.50 summer semester (May 22, 2017 – Aug. 13, 2017) approximately 107 double-sided pages
    • $15 fall semester (Aug. 14, 2017 – Dec. 29, 2017) approximately 214 double-sided pages
    • $15 spring semester (Dec. 30, 2017 – May 20, 2018) approximately 214 double-sided pages
  • Unused allowances from the fall semester will roll over to the spring semester.
  • Unused allowances from the spring semester will be eliminated. Remaining allowances will not be refunded or roll over to the summer semester.
  • Unused allowances from the summer semester will be eliminated. Remaining allowances will not be refunded or roll over to the fall semester.
  • To keep the print management system current, printing history for all accounts will be deleted annually when fall allowances are set.
  • Allowances are shown in a dollar amount (e.g. $15.00 for the fall semester). This amount is not real money and exists only within the print management software.
  • Pages are deducted from the allowance each time a print job is complete.
  • Users can not transfer allowances to someone else.
  • Users can request a refund within the print management system if there is a problem with a print job due to a printer malfunction. See the Refunds page for more details.
  • IT lab consultants are available to help in the Library, Friends 110 and Williams 210. Requests and problems in other labs should be directed to the Service Desk, 104 Job Hall, 607-274-1000.

Faculty and Staff

  • Faculty and staff printing in student computer labs must authenticate using Netpass credentials in order to print, but have unrestricted printing.
  • Only printers in student computer labs are managed by the print managements software. Departmental printers are not managed by this software.
  • Printers must be on the lab print-server to use the print management software.
  • Requests to have a printer associated with the print management software should be made to the Service Desk, 104 Job Hall, 607-274-1000.

Additional Funds

  • Students can add funds to their ID Express accounts using ID Express machines located in the library and campus center. Funds can also be added through GET.
  • Individuals and departments can provide students with additional printing funds using ID Express through Student Financial Services (SFS). SFS must have the student's name and ID number in order to do this.