Creating Strong Passwords

Password Requirements

The following rules for stronger passwords are currently enforced for Netpass, Parnassus, and Homer Admin, but are recommended for all other systems as well. The password rules are as follows:

  • Must be between 8 and 16 characters (16-character maximum only applies to Netpass)
  • Must consist of a combination of letters, numbers and one or more special characters ! % * + - ? _: ! (exclamation point), % (percent sign), * (asterisk), + (plus sign), -(dash or minus sign), ? (question mark), _ (underscore)
  • Cannot contain your username
  • Cannot be a password that has been used within the last 18 months

Tips for Creating Strong Passwords

One technique to create strong and easy to remember passwords is to use the first letter of each word, including punctuation, in a sentence. Choose a sentence with some capitalized proper nouns, at least one number, and some punctuation, for example:

'17 will be Ithaca's year at Cortaca!

Becomes the password: '17wbIy@C!

Keep your passwords safe:

  • DO NOT share passwords with co-workers, friends, or relatives.
  • DO NOT write passwords on a sticky note, notepad, or anything stored in or around monitors or desks.
  • DO NOT store passwords in unencrypted or plain text files on a computer
  • DO NOT let others watch a password as it is typed.