Business Intelligence

Business intelligence (BI) is the use of technology to make informed, intelligent business decisions in support of Ithaca College's commitment to excellence. Access to information in a timely and meaningful manner is at the heart of business intelligence. Ithaca College's BI system, called ARGUS (Administrative Reporting Group User System) is used by administrative and academic offices to access current data for making business decisions.

Business Intelligence uses a distributed support model, consisting of three major groups: report writers within each of the major administrative offices such as Admission, Human Resources, Financial Services and the Registrar, report consumers which potentially includes everyone at Ithaca College, and the Business Intelligence team within Information Technology. Report writers utilize a variety of tools to write and distribute reports, providing data to report consumers. To this end, the system consists of three main components: 1) the Operational Data Store (ODS), 2) report writing tools and 3) publishing tools. The ODS is a clearinghouse for information from all of the major systems on campus (Homer, Parnassus, Advance etc.). The tool set used to access this data includes Discoverer, an on-demand web based program and BI Publisher, a program designed to allow the merging of data into professional quality publications. Other programs are used as needed including SPSS, Microsoft Word and Excel, Oracle Application Express, and IBM Cognos. Finally, the publishing tool used by report writers to provide access to report consumers is Oracle Portal (ARGUS).

Data Stewards

Data stewards are individuals in each of the major functional offices who are responsible for specific data in the Operational Data Store. For example, the Office of Admission is the steward for all information regarding incoming students.

For a list of Data Stewards, please click here (requires an Ithaca College Netpass username and password).

Requesting Custom Reports

Reports are written and generated by staff members in the major administrative offices. If there is a need for a specific report, requests need to be made to the appropriate Data Steward.

Requesting Access

Anyone with an IC Netpass account can log into ARGUS. To obtain access to a specific report, access must be requested and granted by the appropriate Data Steward.