Instructional Support Services

Consulting and Support

The staff in Instructional Support Services offer one-on one consulting on anything related to using technology in your teaching. We can help you brainstorm technology solutions and point you to appropriate resources to realize your vision.  Here are some ways we can help:

  • Have ever encountered and instructional challenge in your teaching and wondered if technology might help you?
  • If you know what you need, we can help you navigate the various resources on campus and in the "cloud."
  • Get the most out of Sakai. While we have many support documentation and training opportunities for learning, we can help you choose the elements of Sakai that best suit your teaching goals.
  • We offer one-on-one help on learning how to use the podium technology in the classrooms.
  • If you have an idea for a project, we have instructional designers who can help you brainstorm the technology that best compliments your goals.

Contact Marilyn Dispensa, Instructional Technology Coordinator, to get connected with the right person or service, 274-3647.