Important Technology Renewal Information Regarding Apple Desktops

Over the years, Apple has considerably increased the capabilities of their iMac desktop system, and has re-positioned it as their mainstream desktop computer. It has become quite powerful in its own right, and is now Apple’s ‘standard’ desktop system for home and office use. During this time Apple also restructured their MacPro tower model computers to compete with high-end graphics workstations for non-linear digital editing and high-definition video applications.

Because the iMac is more than capable for the vast majority of college users, and because it is much less expensive than the MacPro, beginning with this summer’s Technology Renewal replacements, the iMac will be the default replacement Apple desktop system for Technology Renewal.   Any Technology Renewal questionnaire which is not completed for an Apple MacPro tower will automatically default to an iMac desktop.

In addition, we encourage those who currently have a MacPro tower to switch to an iMac as the benefits are two-fold.  First, the lower cost of the iMac will have a substantial impact in terms of cost savings to the college, and second the iMac is an ‘all in one’ system providing a crisp 21.5” wide screen display with an integrated webcam and digital microphone. 

The goal of the Technology Renewal program is “to ensure that the majority of standard-use, institutionally owned computers are fully capable of running current applications and any future upgrades or new applications anticipated during the projected planning cycle and to ensure that these computers can continue to be adequately supported,” and the iMac is the best fit for this purpose. Thank you for your understanding as we strive to provide a balance between the demands on the Technology Renewal budget and the need to provide the necessary technology that will continue to allow our campus community to grow and excel.

Information Technology Services (ITS)


Originally published in Intercom: Important Technology Renewal Information Regarding Apple Desktops.