Digital Signage

Digital signage is a tool for providing information to the campus community by displaying information on video monitors which may be updated dynamically and remotely over the campus network.  Several areas of the campus have requested assistance with implementing a signage solution.  The need to display and share images, video, text, live data from the internet, news, and weather are commonly asked functional requirements.  The solution must be enterprise level, meaning signs must be connected campus-wide.


  • Ability to disseminate emergency notification messages
  • Remote management
  • Multimedia content capabilities, including video
  • An intuitive interface for updating individual signs

We have contracted with ConnectedSign, partner resellers of FourWinds Interactive.  This software is used in several major universities and private companies across the globe.  It not only meets, but exceeds our requirements for a digital signage solution.  This system is primarily designed to notify the campus community in times of emergency.  Emergency notification is crucial to the implementation of the system and is the main reason we have a networked digital signage system.

If you are interested in getting started with signage please contact the service desk to get started.