Technology Renewal

Most standard-use Ithaca College computers and networked printers purchased via the ITS Catalog in iProcurement (the college's on-line requisitioning system) will automatically be replaced on a regular basis as part of the Technology Renewal Program. The purpose of this program is to ensure that the majority of standard-use, institutionally owned computers are fully capable of running current applications and any future upgrades or new applications anticipated during the projected planning cycle and to ensure that these computers and printers can continue to be adequately supported.  The Ithaca, LA and London campuses are covered under the program.

College Inventory

The official college inventory of computers and networked printers is maintained by Information Technology. Also recorded with each asset is the assigned department, guardian, location, and renewal program status.  Under Technology Renewal, the standard CPU, keyboard and mouse are replaced every three years and networked printers are replaced every six years. (Attached printers, scanners, speakers and monitors are not part of the renewal program, and departments need to budget for the replacement of these items separately.) The replacement computer will be pre-installed with the current Ithaca College Network Software Bundle, which includes the Microsoft Office Suite, Web browser, E-mail, virus checking, and other software.

IT uses an electronic asset management system to automatically keep track of configuration information about the college’s computers. Additionally, college offices are asked to report changes in asset location, guardian, etc. to IT. Only computers and printers assigned a renewal cycle in the official college computer inventory are eligible for the renewal budgeting process (i.e.: if the computer or printer is not in the inventory, or is not part of the renewal program, it will not be replaced via the renewal budget). 

Equipment Not Leased or Automatically Renewed

Not all of the technology assets owned by the college are leased or covered under the renewal program. Servers, workstations, computers used to control specialized equipment or applications, some specific-purpose systems, wide format printers, other hardware not supported by IT, equipment not owned by Ithaca College, any printer that isn't a standard networked HP laser printer and items not in the inventory are examples of what are excluded. If you are not sure if your equipment is covered, or have questions about what is covered and what is not, please contact us.  

Standard vs. Non-standard Systems

'Standard-use' systems are computers and network printers identified and configured by IT to be fully capable of running current applications and any future upgrades or new applications anticipated throughout the lease period, and to ensure that these computers and printers can continue to be adequately supported.   Configurations are reviewed periodically throughout the year and can change at any time. Standard-use systems include office computers for faculty and staff, eClassroom systems, general-use systems, and the majority of lab computers and network printers.  Standard systems are ordered in large quantities for each replacement period (in order to take advantage of volume pricing), and configurations cannot be modified.

There will always be a need for equipment that requires a different configuration or model than the renewal program can provide. These systems are ordered as 'custom' equipment by your department, and their renewal handled outside of the renewal program via the college's annual budget planning process.

Please work with IT on your non-standard system needs, we can help identify vendors, assist with configurations, quoting, installation, and obtaining support contracts (if the unit can't be supported by IT), as well as assist with the ordering process.  We will also tag and inventory the equipment when it arrives on campus.

Recycling Leased Computers

Since the technology renewal assets are leased, they must be returned to the leasing company at the end of the lease or the college will be charged for replacement equipment. If a department needs to keep a leased asset, it may 'buy out' the remaining lease. IT will need to be notified in writing 6 months prior to the computer’s scheduled replacement time frame to make the appropriate arrangements with the leasing company.   Buying out the computer also removes it from the renewal program, and it will NOT be replaced.

Recycling of Older and Non-Leased Computers and Computer Equipment

All used and/or obsolete computer-related equipment (CPU’s, monitors, printers, and accessories) that are not part of the Technology Renewal Program (or have been removed from the program) and have been designated as not suitable for campus re-use by the Office of Information Technology are surplused.  Please refer to the college's "Surplus Property & Computer Disposal Policy" for more information.