MajorCool List Manager

A list serve is a program that allows people to send email to one address, which resends that message to all of the other subscribers to the list. Ithaca College uses a Majordomo List server.

List serve mailing addresses may be requested by using the Majordomo List Account Request form at right. List serves must be renewed on an annual basis and have a list owner. The list owner is responsible for managing and configuring the list.


List serves can be managed using an online interface called MajorCool. List owners can log into MajorCool and add or delete subscribers, approve messages and configure the list.

MajorCool is a Web interface alternative to the command-based Majordomo mailing list application. Majordomo requires commands be sent by email in order to manage or change settings for an email distribution list. MajorCool provides a graphical interface with Web-based forms.