ePortfolios and Assessment Systems

Web Profile Manager (WPM) Student & Alumni ePortfolios

This system is being phased out.

Prior to August 2013, ePortfolios were available to all students and faculty members using Web Profile Manager (WPM). Faculty members have a "demo" ePortfolio to help students create theirs. Since Taskstream is the institutional ePortfolio and assessment system, WPM Student ePortfolios and Faculty Demo ePortfolios services will be discontinued by August 2014. 

After graduation, a student had 90 days to opt-in to have the ePortfolio become an Alumni eportfolio. Students opted-in on an annual basis. If a student decided not to opt-in, once the IC Netpass account expires, access to the ePortfolio was no longer possible. This opt-in process will not be available to the May 2014 graduates.

End of WPM Student ePortfolios

Students who created a WPM student ePortfolio prior to August 2013 can continue to use WPM until August 2014. Students should transition to Taskstream during the 13-14 academic year. Students will need to re-create their portfolios in Taskstream manually; there is no tool that can automatically do it.

Students who are graduating in May 2014 will not be able to opt-in to the WPM alumni ePortfolio and should either transition to Taskstream or save their WPM student ePortfolio.

New students should use Taskstream and will not have access to create WPM Student ePortfolios.

Alumni who use WPM student ePortfolios will be able to do so until further notice.

Faculty can create a demo student ePortfolio site. This option will end August 2014.

WPM Student ePortfolio Access

Students access their ePortfolios through myHome, using their Netpass username and password.