Web Publishing

Web Profile Manager (WPM)

Web Profile Manager (WPM) is a content management system that allows faculty, students and some staff to create and maintain individual and departmental web pages. WPM provides simple design tools and doesn't require any special programming skills to create and publish web pages. Those who wish to archive student ePortfolios may use HTTrack for Windows.


Several types of profiles are available in WPM, including: faculty, academic department, administrative department and student ePortfolio (ending August 2014). The common tools available to all profiles include the option to:

  • Publish an index page and custom sections
  • Create an image database (gallery)
  • Create or link to news
  • Create a blog
  • Add a date list
  • Publish documents

Additional features are available for some profiles including the ability to set access rights and create forms.

Archiving ePortfolios

HTTrack (Windows) is a free application that allows you to archive the content of an ePortfolio that has been published online. The ePortfolio owner must make the web site public in order to allow HTTrack to archive it. Complete instructions on the process of archiving an ePortfolio using HTTrack are documented in the Quick Guide called HTTrack for Windows: Archiving ePortfolios (see link at right).