Faculty Information


Updated November 7th 2016. 

Ithaca Seminar faculty members come from all across the campus and we offer 4-credit integrative liberal arts courses for all first-year students. These required courses introduce new students to college level academic inquiry as well as help smooth their academic and social transition to college.  If you've been looking for an opportunity to stretch disciplinary boundaries and you enjoy close working relationships in seminar style classes, the ICSM program is for you!

The Ithaca Seminar is an important requirement in the Integrative Core Curriculum (ICC) for first-semester students. Please go the ICC website to find more information about this campus wide general education program. You might also want to look at the Fall 2016 to get a flavor of what faculty are doing right now.

To support course development for this program new faculty will automatically receive a summer curriculum development grant of $3,300.  Returning faculty that have taught in the program three times since their last grant will be eligible to submit course revision grant proposals in Spring 2017. 

Process Guidelines 

Please look at the ICSM Program Description for seminar student learning outcomes, program goals, and faculty responsibilities, and compensation. All documents can be found by clicking here. 

  • If you taught an ICSM anytime between Fall of 2014-2016 and you will keep your course mostly as is, you only need to turn in the Intent form. 

  • If you have not taught an ICSM in Fall 2014-2016 you will need to complete an ICSM Course Proposal.  The ICSM Steering Committee will review these proposals in Spring 2017. 

  • If you have taught an ICSM between 2014-2016 and you want to add a Diversity or Quantitative Literacy designation you will need to complete that proposal form and submit it to CCR. 


Intent to Teach forms - Friday December 9th, 2016.  Form must be submitted to your Dean’s office with a chair signature. 

New or Revised Course Proposals - Monday March 6, 2017.  (Please note that the ICSM steering committee works very closely with all proposers and it is very uncommon for a course to be rejected. If you signal your intent to teach we will add you to the Fall 2017 schedule even though the course proposal may not have been approved yet.) 

Faculty Development

During the Spring semester we will be partnering with the Center for Faculty Excellence to offer a series of workshops on ICSM course development and the needs of first year students. 

If you have any questions about the Ithaca Seminar program, if you are wondering how to fit a seminar into your current departmental obligations, or if you want to strategize or the future, please contact Michael Buck, Coordinator of the ICSM, to start that conversation. 

Grant Proposal Form - Fall 2017