In many situations, contracts will not require legal review. A contract must be reviewed by the Offices of the General Counsel and Risk Management if one or more of the following apply:

  • Contains insurance provisions
  • Includes the words or phrases indemnification, limitation of liability, hold harmless, or any other language that shifts legal responsibility from one party to another.
  • Uses general terms, such as "travel expenses" without explicitly defining them
  • Provides for revenue-sharing between the College and another party
  • Limits the other party's potential damages
  • Contract duration exceeds three years (including renewals) or the contract automatically renews at the end of each term with no final end date
  • Requires full payment in advance
  • Treats any College employee as an independent contractor
  • Contains any legal or insurance provisions that you do not fully understand

If your contract includes any of the provisions above, complete the Contract Review Submission Form.