College Signatories

The only persons authorized to sign contracts on behalf of the college are those to whom signatory authority has been granted, who are identified in the Active Signatory Authority Delegations Chart, below. The president automatically delegates signatory authority to all vice presidents, who in turn may individually delegate signatory authority to others under their supervision in order to increase the efficiency of the College's operations. For more information, refer to the Contract Review and Approval Policy.

Signatories' Responsibilities

In accordance with the Policy, all Signatories are responsible for:​

  • Acting in the best interest of the college​
  • Affirming a prudent contract purpose and appropriate planning by the 'contract owner​'
  • Making approval decisions based on informed risk assessments​
  • Compliance with 2.41 Contract Review and Approval Policy
  • Signing contracts only within the scope of their designated dollar limits and contract types​

The Active Signatory Authority Delegations chart (below) lists all individuals who have been delegated signatory authority for specific types of contracts.  The individuals on this list, in addition to the President, are the only individuals authorized to sign or enter into any binding agreements on behalf of the College.

file-outline Active Signatory Authority Delegations Chart - 2023-02-27-Active Signatory Authority Delegations Chart.pdf (149.42 KB)

The current exclusive list of employees who have received delegation of authority, from the executive officers of the institution, to sign contracts on behalf of Ithaca College.

file-outline Signatory Authority Delegation Form - Delegation Form - fillable.pdf (283.66 KB)

Vice presidents of the College may use the Signatory Authority Delegation Form (below) to grant/delegate signatory authority to an employee in their area. Please fill out the form and submit it to the Office of the General Counsel. The Office is available for consultation about the appropriateness of the proposed delegation in advance of the form being filled in and submitted.