The only persons authorized to sign contracts on behalf of the college are those to whom signatory authority has been granted. The president automatically grants signatory authority to all vice presidents, who in turn may delegate signatory authority to others under their supervision in order to increase the efficiency of the College's operations. For more information, refer to the Contract Review and Approval Policy.

The Active Signatory Authority Delegations chart (below) lists all individuals who have been delegated signatory authority for specific types of contracts.  The individuals on this list, in addition to the President, are the only individuals authorized to sign or enter into any binding agreements on behalf of the College.

file-outline Active Signatory Authority Delegations Chart - 2023-02-27-Active Signatory Authority Delegations Chart.pdf (149.42 KB)

If you are a vice president and would like to grant signatory authority to an employee in your area, please fill out the Signatory Authority Delegation Form (below) and submit it to the Office of the General Counsel. We encourage you to contact us for a consultation about the appropriateness of the proposed delegation before submitting the final signed form.

file-outline Signatory Authority Delegation Form - Delegation Form - fillable.pdf (283.66 KB)