What is an Event?

An event is any gathering of people sponsored by the College (including all offices, departments, and recognized student organizations), whether held on or off campus and whether or not members of the public are invited to attend. Events can be large or small, planned months in advance or with little notice. Some examples of events include:

  • an athletic event
  • events sponsored by recognized student groups
  • a visiting lecture series, or
  • IC Commencement

Obligations for accessible event planning

Event planners are responsible for planning and providing required services for participants with disabilities at any event sponsored by the College or members of the College community.

Anyone involved in making Ithaca College facilities available to outside groups should make sure to discuss accessibility and accommodation obligations with the organization using the space. The arrangements should clearly specify which party is responsible for these obligations at the event.

What does it mean to plan an accessible event?

In general, events must be planned so that everyone can fully participate (including disabled attendees). Every effort should be made to create an accessible experience. The easiest way to plan an accessible event is to incorporate accessible/inclusive design at the start of the planning process. It is also important to provide ways for people to request individual accommodations.

Responding to requests for accommodations

Even with the most careful planning, it is not uncommon for event planners to receive requests for specific accommodations. Event planners are encouraged to communicate early and often with anyone who makes such a request. If there are any questions about how to provide the requested accommodation, you must contact ADA Coordinator Linda Koenig (lkoenig@ithaca.edu); 607-274-7761) before making any final decisions about the request. The ADA Coordinator can help determine what is a reasonable accommodation and what constitutes an acceptable alternative to the original request if the original request cannot be met.

What next?

  • Read the Guidelines for Planning Accessible Events
  • Print and reference the Checklist for Planning Accessible Events during the planning process
  • Review the Communication Access Services information
  • View the Accessible Event Planning Training guide (in progress)