Accessibility Statements and Accommodation Requests

All pre-event publicity and preregistration materials must provide a way for potential participants to request any disability-related accommodation that they may need. Accessibility statements must include a mechanism for participants to communicate their request (i.e., contact information for a specific person or a link to a request form). These statements can also include a suggested timeframe by which participants are asked to make their requests. However, ALL requests must be considered, even if they are made after the suggested deadline. Any questions about how to respond to accommodation requests for events can be directed to the ADA Coordinator, Linda Koenig, at

Communication is the key to handling all requests for accommodations. It is perfectly acceptable to discuss options with requestors if there are questions or alternative options available.

Remember to also discuss accommodation needs with presenters, as they may also have accessibility needs.

Examples of Accessibility Statements

Individuals with disabilities requiring accommodations should contact [Name of contact person and their contact information]. We ask that requests for accommodations be made at least two weeks prior to the event.

Individuals with disabilities requiring accommodations can submit requests using our Accommodation Request Form. We ask that requests for accommodations be made as soon as possible.