College contract templates area available in the Ithaca College Contract Templates Library, provided to assist faculty and staff to create contracts independently. All contracts with external entities still require signature approval from a trained and authorized Ithaca College signatory.

Review the available contract template descriptions below to determine whether any will meet your contract needs. If one of the templates would meet your needs with some minor revisions, please let us know. Modifying a template contract is simpler and faster than reviewing an outside contract or drafting one from scratch.  Agreement templates for a department's specific needs may also be developed in consultation with the Office of the General Counsel.

If you use a contract template without modifying its fixed terms, any insurance requirements must be evidenced in a certificate of insurance from the other party, which must be filed with the Office of Risk Management prior to an Ithaca College signature being provided. Use the Contract Review Request form in TeamDynamix to submit template-based agreements and their accompanying Certificate(s) of Insurance for an expedited insurance-only review; or for an expedited full review where the template terms have been modified.

Document Name Intended for... Not intended for...
Artist/Performer Agreement Use if an individual or group will be performing a musical or other stage event without the inclusion of non-standard elements that increase possible risk. Non-standard elements include, but are not limited to, special equipment or staging, physical contact or interaction with audience members, fireworks, etc.

Not to include DJ Services or other event/entertainment equipment rentals or services. 

See Approved Suppliers for Student Activities

Department Equipment Loan Agreement This agreement is intended to be used exclusively by Ithaca College departments loaning items to members of the campus community.  
Equipment Lease Agreement Use this template in situations where equipment will be leased to the College by a service provider and delivered to campus.  
Guest Speaker Agreement Use if an individual will be speaking or lecturing on campus, whether in a stage, classroom, or other setting.  Further modification to the template needed if engagement includes non-standard elements that increase possible risk. Not for engagements involving artistic/musical performances, special stage rigging or equipment, or physical exertion/ demonstration, etc.
Internship Agreements An inter-institutional agreement template for non-IC students who wish to do internships on our campus as well as an off-campus internship agreement template for one-time, off-campus internship placements for IC students.

Not for use with clinical internships. 

Internship Agreements may require additional Student Release Agreements

Off-Campus Activity Facilitated by Host  Use this template any time you are holding off-campus activities that are facilitated with the assistance of a service provider. Not intended for agreements for the use of a facility or space under the control of the College, where the activity does not rely on the service provider's specialized equipment, supervision, or instruction. 
Photo and Multimedia Release Form Use if the likeness of any person, regardless of his or her relationship to the College, will be recorded in any medium and for any purpose.  
Professional Services Agreement Please insert available information into the template and consult with Risk Management before sending out to third parties.  
Rental or Use of Off-Campus Venue/Facility Departments should use this template for College events taking place at off-campus venues.

Not for use by students/student orgs.

Student organizations must work with the Office of Student Engagement to book  any off-campus venue or to otherwise contract with any third party.